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Leopoldo  Vega


The birth of Tacos El Arroyo Deli Corp is in 2021.

Previous to that Leo worked in a Manhattan Spaniard Food Restaurant and also in another Deli in the same area. His business vision and passion for service business inspired him to -despite of the wave effects of the pandemic in the global economy-  to start this new venture with a Mexican Deli int he heart of Ridgewood, hence the heart of Queens, NY, the most ethnic diverse and cosmopolitan area in the country. 

Aztec Frame
Aztec Frame
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My Story

Leo comes form a little town in the Puebla state, called Yacuintlalpa (meaning: new land). He made aliving there working for a local butcher shop and meat market. The in 1999 he moves to New York and start working in the construction business, going through a diverse array of jobs until he finaly lands in his real passion: food service business. 

Leopoldo Vega

The he moves in that direction working -as mentioned above- in delis and restaurants. Now Leo is looking forward to expand his business with a real Home-Style Mexican food to all the New York area.  

Cinturon Piteado
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